Snow & Ice Management

P&M Property Management, LLC services both commercial and residential properties throughout the winter months. One of our trained professionals will work with you to create a plan that fits your needs and your budget. We carry SNOW SPECIFIC INSURANCE to protect you in the event of a slip and fall accident. Under a contract with us, your property will be snow and ice free all winter long. You can be sure that your business will not lose revenue because of snow and ice. It is our business to make sure your business can operate during all snow and ice events. We offer two types of snow plowing packages. We offer a per occurrence and a seasonal package.

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Before the ground freezes, one of our skilled professionals will walk your parking lot to mark out all curbs, speed markings, fire hydrants, traffic patterns and any other obstructions.

When a storm is approaching, we are on the job 24/7.

Our staff collects viable meteorological data to ensure we are prepared long before the first flake falls. Once the storm hits we have crews out around the clock. We have plenty of man power on hand for any storm Mother Nature decides to throw our way. As with every service we provide, we strive to be consistent and timely. Customer satisfaction is our goal.


With choice of salt or a salt/sand mixture, icy and hazardous conditions will not occur on your property. We sand during and after each storm for quality results.Our new top of the line sanders allow our professionals to manage ice and other hazardous winter conditions throughout the season.


Under contract with us, our plows begin sanding your property as soon as snow begins to accumulate so that your business can operate during and after all snow storms.

Our trucks are all equipped with heavy-duty commercial grade snow plows. Under a snow contract with us, we guarantee that all entrance ways, walkways, stairs, and loading docks will be cleared and salted.

PilingSnow Piling

P&M Property Management has equipment that ranges from small skid steers to heavy-duty payloaders and everything in between. This equipment allows us to pile the snow where available to maximize the parking area on your property.